Small (4-Router) Lab Topology

The exercises that have one or two configurable devices use the following 4-router lab topology:

Lab topology

  • C1 and C2 are the lab devices you’ll configure in the hands-on labs. C1 is usually named rtr; when a lab uses both routers they’re usually named r1 and r2.
  • X1 and X2 are external BGP routers.

The individual labs assume you’re using Cumulus Linux 4.x as external BGP routers (FRR running on a Ubuntu VM/container would work as well) and provide initial interface- and FRR configurations for them as well as extra configuration needed in your lab.

You can use any device you want for the external BGP routers, but you’ll have to create your own initial configuration files (if you’re not using netlab) and extra device configuration templates. Should you decide to go down this route, we’d appreciate if you’d submit your changes as a pull request.

Lab Wiring

Creating a full mesh of links between four devices is not hard, but please do retain the interface sequence if you plan to use netlab to configure the devices.

Link Name Origin Device Origin Port Destination Device Destination Port
C1-to-X1 c1 Ethernet1 x1 swp1
C1-to-X2 c1 Ethernet2 x2 swp1
X1-to-X2 x1 swp2 x2 swp2
C2-to-X1 c2 Ethernet1 x1 swp3
C2-to-X2 c2 Ethernet2 x2 swp3
C1-C2 LAN c1 Ethernet3 c2 Ethernet3

IP Addressing

The initial device configurations supplied with individual labs assume you’re using the following IP addressing on the lab links:

Node/Interface IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Description
c1 Loopback
Ethernet1 C1-to-X1
Ethernet2 C1-to-X2
Ethernet3 C1-C2 LAN
c2 Loopback
Ethernet1 C2-to-X1
Ethernet2 C2-to-X2
Ethernet3 C1-C2 LAN
x1 Loopback
swp1 C1-to-X1
swp2 X1-to-X2
swp3 C2-to-X1
x2 Loopback
swp1 C1-to-X2
swp2 X1-to-X2
swp3 C2-to-X2