Upcoming Labs

While we’re working on new stuff, you can already enjoy two dozen labs. In case you’re curious about what’s coming next, here’s what we’re working on:

We have plenty of other ideas, including:

Basic BGP Setup

Advanced exercises:
  • Configure BGP graceful restart

Controlling Inbound Traffic

  • Use conditional route advertisements to select primary/backup links for the inbound traffic

BGP in Service Provider Networks

  • Use a hierarchy of route reflectors
  • Reduce routing instabilities with BGP route flap dampening
  • Implement policy-based routing with BGP
  • Remote-triggered black hole
  • External bogon feed
  • Centralized route collection service (like bgp.tools)
  • Using RPKI for route validation (with Routinator as the source of RPKI information)

See this LinkedIn post for more details.

Advanced Scenarios

  • Multihop EBGP sessions with servers
  • BGP as a firewall high availability protocol
  • Multihop EBGP peering in a high-availability firewall scenario
  • Peering across a hidden router (example: Azure vWan)
  • Firewall-on-a-stick scenario with two VRFs in the directly attached router.

See this blog post for more details.

Use MPLS with BGP

  • Use BGP Labeled Unicast to extend MPLS paths across multiple autonomous systems